So I’m baking brownies for Nick. He requested them….again. This man is a junk food junkie. It is near impossible to get him to eat more than one meal a day, let alone to get him to eat a complete and healthy meal. And to top in off, he doesn’t gain weight. I’m waiting for the day he turns 30 when his metabolism decides to grind to a halt and he can’t eat like a pig anymore.

I am in the mood for cheese grits. Not sure why – especially considering Nick is the one who requested I pick them up for him at the store. So I am making myself some cheese grits for a late dinner.

Snow Pea is doing wonderfully. Her physical therapist was thrilled with the progress she made in two weeks, and said to keep up the stretches I am doing with her and that this should not be a problem for too much longer. She can be ornery about taking the sippy cup, but still manages it quite well when she’s willing to take it. She is also a very good about taking rice cereal from the baby food feeder. I give her a little bit by spoon, but it doesn’t get there fast enough for her to be happy. So the spoon is not her friend right now. She also likes carrots! I was very happy about this, and once she has a few more days on carrots I will try her on green beans. Here’s hoping that she likes them as well. :)

Well, the brownies are almost done, and the bottles need to be washed. I always have things to do around here. :)

So I feel like I total kid at the moment because I’m eating a butterscotch snack pack pudding cup. When I was younger I would beg my mom to get butterscotch pudding cups instead of chocolate and vanilla, but she didn’t get them very often. So in my experience, butterscotch was a treat. And it still is. :)

Today I’ve been working on getting the house straightened up because my bestie and her hubby are coming to visit tomorrow and staying until Thursday. YAY! I’m so ready to see her again. Of course while she is here Snow Pea will be super spoiled with lots of cuddling with her Aunt Jen. Snow Pea LOVES cuddling with Aunt Jen.

Thus far I have gotten all the clean clothes gathered together and took them upstairs – still working on getting them put away. I did, however, get a good portion of all the clothes we have been given for Snow Pea put away, but then I ran out of hangers and didn’t take the time to dig out the boxes in which I’m going to put all the pants and shorts. Once I get everything put away in my closet I’ll actually be able to get to those boxes a lot more easily. Hopefully I can get the rest of Snow Pea’s clothes put away – sans what has to be hung – in the morning before Jen and Frank arrive.

Jen and I have to hit up Wal-Mart once she gets here so that we can get food for while they are here. I also have to get more sippy cups for Snow Pea. :) Then on Wednesday Snow Pea has an appointment with physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles in her neck. Hopefully it won’t take many visits to physical therapy for us to see some progress. Jen and I are going to hit Target after Snow Pea’s appointment. I’m hoping I can find some lamps on sale since our bedroom is in desperate need of light sources other than the one on the ceiling fan. I also want to get Snow Pea another pair or two of blue jeans – they are just so cute on her! I love baby blue jeans :)

So finally, our new tv, which only cost us $25 out of pocket thanks to the fact it was complementary with our bedroom suit purchase. Yeah, that’s right. We got a 32″ flat screen tv for $25. Be jealous (just a smidge). I have yet to set it up 1) because I can’t get the monster of a tv that we currently have down from atop my cabinet (it weighs a ton), and 2) because Nick wants to be all manly and set up the new electronics (even though I will probably end up actually reading the instructions and fixing it in the end).

Sophie is pretty much on a new schedule (which I’m loving). She gets up between 8 and 9, eats, has tummy time and plays, naps, eats again around 1, plays, watches a baby show or part of a movie before napping again, eats, and either has more tummy time or a bath before going to bed around 6. She will then get up 2 times during the night – around 12 and 5. This is seriously making my life easier. Although I still seem to have an issue getting stuff done around the house.

In other news, Sophie is getting used to taking a sippy cup. For right now she’s taking between 1 and 2 ounces from the sippy cup and then taking the rest of her feeding from the bottle. She’s got a pretty good at getting a tight hold on the handles, although she can’t quite support the weight of the cup by herself. Again, more progress – she’s getting so big!

I really need to do dishes, and I want to paint my Warhammer models, but honestly – I desperately need a nap. So here’s to snoozing for a little bit. :)

Our pre-order for Black and White was available for pick up yesterday. Nick has been inseparable from his DSXL since he went to pick the games up. I, on the other hand, have done very little with Pokemon, and have instead been consumed with our new iPad. Nick decided that he wanted an iPad more than a new computer (insert my grumbling about not being able to play WoW yet), so since he is the breadwinner, I agreed and we now own an iPad. I’ve been piddling around with it ever since we got it, and have added FarmVille, Pandora Radio, and three Martha Stewart apps thus far. Also, I’m addicted to Angry Birds – but have completed all the levels on the trial version. Nick of course, added a Pokedex and Adult Swim. Honestly, we are nerds.

So my Warhammer models have been a bit neglected this past week. I feel kinda bad about this, and am going to remedy my lack of painting and assembling by completing the remainder of my quarrelers – and hopefully base coating the rest of my space marines.

Before I am able to nerd out with my models I have to be a good little housewife and do some laundry, unload and reload the dishwasher, and fix dinner. I’m also going to let Sophie try rice cereal tonight :)

So today Nick, Snow Pea, and I loaded up in the car and drove almost five hours upstate to stay the night in a hotel so that Nick can report to his new drill in the morning. We ran errands on our way out of town, and picked up Nick’s wedding ring (mine has not come in yet). We got to his current unit and picked up the necessary forms to make this weekend go smoothly and were informed that his upcoming deployment is much closer in the future than we had originally been told. BLARGH! Yeah, that totally ruined our day. That, and the fact we had to drive back home (20 miles) and get more of his gear he hadn’t initially been told to bring with him. BLARGH – that was basically the overtone of the day. Add in the car acting wonky on the interstate in the midst of a thunderstorm and the day was royally peachy.

So now it is past my bedtime, and Snow Pea’s too, but neither of us are asleep. Snow Pea because she slept pretty much the whole time she was in her car seat, and me because I can’t get my mind to stop and I’m hungry – not a good combination by the way. But since it is so late, and I am tired from both driving and crying, I am going to attempt to go to sleep. Plus Snow Pea is amused with her swing once again, so sleep for her is imminent. Good night….er, morning. :/

Well, the crock pot chicken wings turned out well, even though the sauce remained rather soupy and did not thicken like I had hoped. And yes, it is a recipe that Nick likes! Success for another of my thrown together recipes – yay! So for today I have had loads of motivation for housework – but not much get up and go. Therefore, today was a coffee day :) But I have to say, the coffee hasn’t really helped. I have gotten some laundry done, but none put away. I do need to put the sheets back on the bed, though. Of course, I’m not currently messing with the laundry – or the dishes, for that matter – and am sitting on my tail with my computer in my lap, watching Desperate Housewives, Season 2 on Netflix.

Alas, my to-do list seems to ever grow, and my got-done list never seems to match up. Such is life with an infant and Netflix and wireless internet. The dishes are in serious need of being put in the dishwasher, but I haven’t quite gotten there. Hopefully I can talk myself into the task in the next few minutes. We shall see where the rest of tonight goes.

So with Nick working a double tonight, I find myself unable to get anywhere remotely close to being able to go to sleep.  Snow Pea is beginning to stir again, but I’m honestly hoping she sleeps for a bit longer. I’ve got chicken wings and drumettes in the crock pot floating in a concoction of barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, water, worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, and pepper. I’m hoping they turn out rather well and that Nick decides it’s one of my inventive recipes that he actually likes. I believe I am currently on my 9th episode of Desperate Housewives for today. I have got to set some limitations for myself – both for Facebook and Desperate Housewives. My waistline is not thanking me for my stagnant, couch potato state as of late.  After everything surrounding Snow Pea’s unexpected early arrival and my subsequent recovery from my pregnancy-related health issues I was able to lose weight – lots of weight. I was able to get down to the lowest I had been in almost three and a half years, but have put back on almost 12 pounds. Please, someone, shoot me now. I am quite displeased with my jiggly midsection. Granted, part of those jiggles are skin and not fat – after all, I did put on a load of pregnancy weight and I stretched…. A LOT! I was 165 at the beginning of my pregnancy, and at the end of my first trimester I had lost 10lbs, and then put 12 back on. The day of my 30 week appointment I weighed in at 198.5 – talk about devastating news. Four days later and two days post delivery while laid up for the most part in a very uncomfortable hospital bed, my nurse turned on the scale on said bed and I weighed in at 209. I was not a happy camper. Once I was discharged and able to sleep flat on my back the weight (and all the fluid on my legs) started to come off. The lowest weight I actually recorded was about a month after delivery and I was down to 145 – oh happy day to me. I have since gotten back to 157, and am more jiggly than I like. I will have to work on this, but for now, Snow Pea calls for her bottle and my weight-loss will be put on hold.

Hello World, I’m attempting to blog again. Starting off on a new site with a new page, and not much else to show for it. Laundry and dishes still await me, my procrastination having gotten the better of me thus far today. Desperate Housewives is on my Netflix instant watch, and is becoming a hindrance to much of my housework. Snow Pea is upstairs crying when she needs to be sleeping.  And I am on the couch with my computer, blogging.

Since it is the beginning of the month and a new blog I figured I would at least give myself a few goals to accomplish this month – stay tuned to see what kind of progress I make.

  • Sort through all the clothes that are overtaking this house, purge and send to whichever charitable organization I find close by.
  • After sorting said clothes, actually put away all the remaining clothes. Piles on top of the dresser are no longer acceptable
  • Dig through and clean out Snow Pea’s closet so that Snow Pea’s clothes and extra toys, blankets, etc can actually fit in Snow Pea’s closet.
  • Read to Snow Pea daily.
  • Make sure Snow Pea gets in at least half an hour of tummy time everyday – no matter how much she screams.
  • Wash dishes at night, and put away clean dishes the next morning.
  • Put together the rest of my Warhammer Dwarf Quarrelers, and paint out the remainder of my Dwarf army.